A call center scam that targeted US citizens and requested payment in Bitcoin BTC has been busted by police in India resulting in the arrest of 78 people.

According to a report, the Indore unit of Madhya Pradesh police’s Cyber Cell unearthed the online scam, which saw tele callers with American accents dupe US citizens.

The callers claimed they were officers from the US social security unit and explain victims’ social security credentials had been used for money laundering and smuggling drugs.

Then they told victims that if they failed to pay the requested amount, their social security number would be blocked and they’d face legal action.

Victims were asked to pay amounts ranging between $50 and $5,000 using Bitcoin, pre-paid gift cards, and other forms of online payments.

The criminal ring was operated from three fake call centers in India, but police suspect the network also has links to other countries.

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