The New York office of Mindshare US has recently instituted an internal lab that uses neurological data to measure consumer responses to advertising.

Called NeuroLab, the unit uses brain activity detected from electroencephalograms (EEGS) and galvanic skin response technology (which measures changes in sweat gland activity) to get a deeper sense of how advertising resonates with people.

This data will be supplemented with implicit bias testing and quantitative survey responses.

According to Joe Maceda, chief instigation officer at Mindshare US, NeuroLab will help the media company inform strategies and tactics for plans going to market.

It will also be used to conduct general research to help elevate the work of the agency at large.

“For example, we recently used it to test which type of environments and content genres were best suited for a brand’s message, which will inform our placement selections,” he said.

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