This guide provides the step by step instructions to connect the Echo Dot to Alexa app. To Setup Alexa Dot, we will use a smartphone to connect to the private wireless network which is made visible by the Echo unit on a temporary basis at the time of the setup process.

Here are the step-by-step instructions that you need to follow:

• Turn on your Echo device.
• Once the light ring present on Echo turn to the orange, take out the smartphone device.
• Now on your smartphone, install the Alexa App from the Google Play store.
• After installing the Alexa app, open it.
• On your smartphone device, Switch to the wireless network your smartphone is presently using from the normal wireless network that must be visible as ‘Amazon- AUL’. If you have no idea how you can switch the wireless network on your smartphone device then drag the top of the screen to see the WiFi button present on your computer.
• Click on the settings button present at the top of the screen. And, from the settings menu choose WiFi>> Amazon AUL.
• Proceed further with these Alexa Setup Instructions and once your smartphone is connected to the Amazon- AUL network, get back to your Alexa app. For this, relaunch the app from the app menu of your device.
• Open the app again, you must be able to see that your smartphone’s screen that your Echo dot device is now connected.
• You can test the Alexa by saying ‘Alexa, Tell me a joke’.

So, follow these simple and easy steps to connected the Echo Dot to Alexa App. If you have any queries related to the setup, you can seek the expert advice to clear your doubts. The experts will share all the necessary guidelines with you to set up the App.