We recently came across a news that Amazon is planning to build ‘Uber for trucking app’. The news took the entire transportation and app industry by storm.

Amazon has plans to launch the app somewhere in the summer of 2017. Well’ it isn’t just the Amazon coming with the concept, the commuting giant Uber is also planning to land into the trucking business after getting an enormous success with its taxi app development.

A deeper look into the trucking business

Trucking in last six decades has changed steadily. The two major changes that we can recall comprise Interstate highway system and deregulation through the introduction of Federal Aid Highway Act of 1956 and Motor Carrier Act which pushed the trucking prices down by 50%-75%.

The changes while on one hand portray the sturdy rise of transportation and logistics business, but if we look at the Uber’s progress on it, we have figures narrating an entirely different saga.

Uber’s Track Record

Somewhere in January 2015, the company launched its Uber Cargo program, however, things didn’t work the way they were supposed to and they had to end the operations.

Another Uber operation named, ‘UberRUSH’ designed to deliver parcel delivery services is going through serious competition from postmates.

Having its deep pockets with the likes of Tencent, Apple, and Alibaba, Didi Chuxing well showcased its expertise and infallibility of Uber by beating it in the Chinese market.

We can’t disregard these points

Uber recently took over the self-driving truck startup company Otto for $680 million.

The intention behind is clear; the company is focused on changing and ruling the evolving market of transportation and logistics business.

While on another hand, a few years back, somewhere in 2012 Amazon acquired the Kiva Systems for $775 million.

Behemoths like Uber and Amazon are after creating a robust trucking business app due to many reasons.

First, to get the first mover advantage since there’s no major player in this niche. And secondly, because it would revolutionize the trucking and shipping business in the same way Uber revolutionized the cab industry.

But how? Below we have mentioned benefits of having an app like Uber for truck business for the owners, shippers, and the drivers.

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