Yolo is a mobile application developed for social media, which enables people to send undisclosed and secret questions to their friends on Snapchat. It is one of the most downloaded apps in America and the U.K for iOS devices such as iPads and iPhones. It was released by Gregoire Henrion in May 2019 and within days of release; it became the number one app just because of its main feature- anonymity. If you want to know the usernames of your fellow friends then Yolo Name Reveal is the best trending app for you.

Yolo Hack is basically innovative and intelligent software that is quite easy to use and untraceable. It can be used several times without any risk involved. It is free to download and can be used on any device connected to the internet.

How does Yolo Hack work

The steps to use the Yolo Name Revealer is quite simple and only need some basic information as the input. It will reveal all the information you want to know and the results will be shown within a few seconds depending on your data connectivity. Just follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Visit the website https://yolotools.com/

Step 2: Choose the platform (Android or iOS)

Step 3: Once the site opens, enter your Username

Step 4: Choose the information you want to reveal, such as username, email, mobile number or all of the above

Step 5: Click on the ‘Confirm’ button

Step 6: Prove you are not a robot

That is all you need to do, follow the above mentioned simple and basic steps, the tool is available 24X7 and is completely safe to use without any risk involved. A very important thing to keep in mind before downloading the Yolo app is that there are several fraud websites that claim to reveal the usernames, so do not waste money on them and download the original one.

Will Your Name be revealed on Yolo?

In the past several apps have come and gone, because they did not take strict actions against objectionable and bullying content, this may happen on any other social media site or app, however this not the case with Yolo app, as safety and security of a user are Yolo’s main concern. In this, you can block any user in just a few steps and the significant part is that the blocked person will not be even notified regarding this. They will just not be able to view that person from that time.

A person, who gets such obscene and bullying content, can report this in the app anytime (again, the person involved will not be intimated) and the designated person from the developer side will analyze the case and take appropriate and strict action accordingly.

If you send obscene messages or illegal content to any user, then there are chances that your identity will be revealed. So if you do not wish to reveal your identity then you must immediately stop sending objectionable content to other people. It allows you to send questions to the people on Snapchat, but these questions should not be sent to disturb or bully that person, hence whenever you ask any question, a specific line “YOLO is for positive feedback only. No bullying. If you send harassing messages to our users, your identity will be revealed.” is attached below the question.

How safe is Yolo

As it has been already mentioned, Yolo Name Revealer is completely safe to use, because when anyone enters his username, the software encrypts it before transferring it online and will only be decrypted at the destination server. And once the process is completed, it is encrypted again and sent back. So, the main purpose of this encryption and decryption process is keeping the information safe from hackers.

Another important fact associated with Yolo Hack is that it deletes all the traces of the process carried out, i.e. after revealing the needed information; it permanently deletes all the related data, file and links related to that particular user

Hence, considering both the facts mentioned above one can be 100% sure that all your information is safe while using the Yolo Name Revealer app and the same process is carried out each time a person uses the app, so a person can use the app any number of times and still keep his/her information completely safe. In simple words, it is easy to use along with the most important feature of being Safe!

Regular Updates

Regular updates are necessary for software or a tool to work correctly, because if the app is not updated from time to time, then the app may not function properly and hence will not reveal the information required. So, Yolo ensures and guarantees regular updates, and each you install an update, the tool will be updated as well. And this will make your tool work for a longer period of time without any safety issues.

The updates can be installed within a few seconds and once the app is updated, it will start functioning like earlier and in a better way. You can even use the app even while the updates are being installed. Updates are necessary for the tool to work for a long span of time without any risk involved because if the updates are not installed, the tool might not work and it will eventually fail.


In the past, there have been several Question and Answer apps like Yolo, however, no one has enjoyed this much fame in such a short span of time. It is at the top of the charts because of its enhanced features and security. It is the most popular among the youth and the popularity it is enjoying right now, it appears that it is here to stay for a long time. Also, its developers do not want to it to get faded from the teenagers’ memory, so they keep adding the latest features in the app to keep the users glued to their app.