Facebook users fed their appetites in May, as amaranth, chifa and foodie were among Facebook IQ’s Topics to Watch for the month.

Amaranth and associated topics quinoa, chia seed, flax, corn tortilla, flour, seed, ginger, hemp, coconut and cereal saw conversation rise 4.8 times compared with May 2018 and 0.9 times versus April, primarily driven by women 35 and older.

Demand for superfoods continues to grow in the U.S., and amaranth is an increasingly popular choice.”

Both genders in the 35-through-49 age group propelled year-over-year conversation growth of 1.6 times and a month-over-month doubling for chifa and associated topics New York, Chinese Peruvians, arroz chaufa, Afro-Peruvian, Son Cubano, Peruvian cuisine, pisco, fusion cuisine, umami and Peru.

Facebook IQ wrote, “As Chinese immigrants settled in Peru in the mid-19th century, their cooking techniques fused with local methods to create chifa, a new cuisine that gained a large following in the region.

Some of chifa’s most notable dishes are arroz chaufa, a fried rice dish that incorporates soy sauce, scallions and meat; and lomo saltado, a steak-based stir fry that blends a Peruvian yellow chili paste with soy sauce.

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