Baldur’s Gate III is finally official, coming to PC and Stadia

Ars spoke with Larian Studios Co-founder and Game Director Swen Vincke and Dungeons & Dragons franchise Creative Director Mike Mearls at a hotel near the convention center.

The company recently announced (alongside D stewards Wizards of the Coast) that it is working on Baldur's Gate 3, a sequel to the highly influential 1990s computer role-playing game series whose influence can be felt in everything from Mass Effect to The Witcher 3 to Pillars of Eternity.

Adapting a new D ruleset

In fact—while they each had some previous exposure—both Vincke and Mearls said that Baldur's Gate was what really got them into D all those years ago.

"I discovered Dungeons & Dragons through Dragonlance, the fantasy books from Weis and Hickman," Vincke said.

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