While some find it a nervous task, others may enjoy it with great pleasure- its public speaking.

That’s the fact and we all know. Some of us get so nervous on public speaking that it can raise the blood pressure of that person.

But you may be enjoying the task of public speaking and also motivating others too. So basically you are a good public speaker.

Now we find many speakers who not only speak with us but also help us to lead to a right path with their speech. Well we consider them the public speaker with good leadership skill.

If you are among them, then what are the best jobs in business/management for good public speakers with good leadership skills? Zachari Cargnino, being a public speaker too shares with us some of the best ways to get an establishment for them.

Few uncommon career choices for public speakers

  1. Training and skill development specialists

This is the task where you need to train employees in different companies, motivate them and let them do their task in skilled way. It is one of the good options to choose as career for professional public speakers.

  1. High school teachers or professor

If you find interest in academics and love to spent time with the education industry, then this is the most suitable option for you. Here you need to teach on a particular subject and also help you get a good establishment too.

  1. Health educators

Education is equally important in healthcare industries too. Here also a public speaker can get the chance of an educator who can convey the message in most interesting way. Thus this would help people to know more about the health and issues which they must avoid or follows.

  1. Sports commentators

If you love sports and has an in depth knowledge about the game, then being a commentator can be a good option for you. Besides you can also be the umpires, referees or any other sports official too.

  1. Mediators and conciliators

Get into the task of negotiation of legal matters outside the courts with the parties. This is also a successful yet interesting part of task for a public speaker. Even inside the courts, they can be a hearing officer too.


So opt for any one of these which you find most interesting for you. Well there are many other options too which you can opt for supporting public speaking.