Uber is (re)introducing a handful of new features for its driver app today in a pilot aimed at luring more drivers onto its platform — and keeping them there.

Gridwise, for example, uses data and real-time alerts to boost Uber drivers’ earnings, while Cargo lets drivers earn extra cash by selling stuff to passengers — in partnership with Uber, of course.

Elsewhere, PredictHQ emerged from stealth last year with $10 million in funding to help companies such as Uber forecast demand surges by aggregating data from myriad sources.

The new pilot feature, called “top opportunities,” will assist drivers in planning their availability around the anticipated best earning times — which could be based on time of day, weather forecast, or scheduled events.

This is similar to the “trip planner” feature that launched with the upgraded Uber driver app last April and shows hourly trends and promotions, as well as letting drivers set preferences for their trips.

Top opportunities takes things a step further, however, with data such as peak earning times, upcoming events, and more provided via an in-app feed that is visible before a driver elects to start their shift.

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