Knowledge is vital as a motor of prosperity, but above all as a guide to decision-making in the face of pressing global concerns like the climate and biodiversity crises.

"Climate change, the biodiversity crisis and inequality are issues whose future consequences may be much more serious if we fail to act now," insisted BBVA Foundation President Carlos Torres Vila in his speech at the event.

The ceremony in the Euskalduna Conference Centre of the Bizkaia capital was presided over by the President of the BBVA Foundation and the President of the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), Rose Menéndez, and attended by the President of the Basque Country, Íñigo Urkullu, the Mayor of Bilbao, Juan Mari Aburto, the President of the Provincial Council of Bizkaia, Unai Rementeria Maiz, and numerous representatives of Spain's academic and cultural communities, including the presidents of distinguished scientific societies and directors of research centers.

The achievements of laureates, added the BBVA President, "equip us with powerful conceptual tools and theoretical perspectives, and, in essence, make us better people.

Their example is an encouragement to act with boldness to address the challenges of this complex and fascinating period of the 21st century."

The President of the Basque Country, Íñigo Urkullu, who delivered the ceremony's closing address, chose to focus on the "frontiers of knowledge" concept that lends its name to the BBVA Foundation awards: "The word 'frontier' is used today as a synonym for division and distrust.

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