A couple of times a year, Netflix hosts an internal hackathon for its employees, where they can take time off of their regular duties and try their hand at playing with new ideas.

At this spring’s Hack Day, Netflix employees devised a haptic feedback system for mobile devices, and a novel way to get their colleagues out of a meeting room when their time runs over.

In past years, Netflix employees have used the Hack Day event on zany ideas like playing House of Cards on an original NES, turning their catalog into a VR rental store, creating a search system that uses Morse code, and adding a “jump to shark” button to Sharknado, among other things.

This year’s ideas fit that perfectly.

The first idea is somewhat practical — and it’s a trick that video game systems regularly use.

If you’re watching Netflix on your mobile device, it vibrates during explosive scenes, giving you an extra bit of sensory input.

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