He then doubled down on spies' 'ghost user' backdoor plan

Solving the Huawei 5G security problem is a question of convincing the Chinese to embrace British "fair play", security minister Ben Wallace said yesterday without the slightest hint of irony.

During a Q at Chatham House's Cyber 2019 conference, Wallace said the issue of allowing companies from non-democratic countries access to critical national infrastructure was about getting them to abide by, er, Western norms.

The former Scots Guards officer explained: "I take the view: we're British, we believe in fair play.

If you want access to our networks, infrastructure, economy, you should work within the norms of international law, you should play fair and not take advantage of that market."

Nonetheless, he later expressed regret at Chinese dominance of the 5G technology world, saying: "The big question for us in the West is actually, how did we get so dependent on one or another?

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