It’s no fun being a fan of retro gaming if you grew up a fan of Sega consoles.

Emulators and game-bundled throwback consoles have been notoriously bad, but recently things have improved—as long as you’re a Sega fan happy to throw money at your passion.

The $190 (£149) Mega Sg console plays classic Sega games flawlessly, and there’s now a disc-free cartridge that brings SegaCD games back to life.

Released back in the early '90s, the Sega CD was a CD-ROM drive for Sega's Mega Drive that not only increased the size of games (allowing for full-motion video to be included), it also added processor and graphics hardware improvements so the Mega Drive could match some of the Super Nintendo’s features like the Mode 7 rotating background effect.

Despite being an expensive upgrade, the Sega CD introduced a few memorable games, like the controversial Night Trap, which can now be played on modern systems without the need for the actual Sega CD hardware.

The MegaSD (based on the international name of the Sega CD) is more than just a cartridge slot-friendly flash card that can be loaded with Sega Master System, Genesis, and Sega CD games ripped from the original discs.

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