The all-electric ID concept Volkswagen introduced during the 2016 Paris Auto Show is well on its way to production.

Volkswagen will launch the model by releasing a limited-edition model named, appropriately, First Edition.

First, it signals that the car competes in the compact segment (the third-smallest in the industry).

The ID.3 is just as significant: The underlying message is that Volkswagen confidently believes the model will represent a new beginning.

While Volkswagen isn’t ready to fully reveal the ID.3, Digital Trends checked out a preproduction prototype wrapped in psychedelic camouflage during the Berlin event (pictured below) and noted it hasn’t changed significantly in its transition from a concept to a production model.

It’s about the same size as a four-door Golf hatchback, but we were told its interior is much more spacious because its electric powertrain takes up less space than a turbocharged, four-cylinder engine.

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