LOS ANGELES —How much is a solid single-player Star Wars adventure game from EA worth in 2019?

That answer might have been different six years ago, when EA's brand-new investment in the Star Wars universe had everyone wondering how epic its games would turn out.

Since then, one huge project sputtered, then was outright canceled, while two Star Wars Battlefront reboots ranged from so-so to alarming.

(According to Respawn lead technical designer Brandon Kelch, Asmussen brought on other members of Sony Santa Monica's old God of War design team, as well.

According to Respawn, that use of Unreal Engine 4—as opposed to Titanfall's modified Source Engine or Star Wars Battlefront's Frostbite Engine—was imperative for a quick development turnaround.

"The team was really lacking programmers at the start, so [Unreal Engine 4's built-in tools] really let us build something," technical director Jiesang Song explained.

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