In AT's case, it's the promise of high speed mobile data over a cellular network, which could revolutionize how we use our phones, computers and connected devices.

In the little time I spent testing 5G speeds at the AT Shape conference at Warner Bros., I was blown away by how fast they were.

They cruised past the speeds we've witnessed in similar early tests done with Verizon and Sprint.

AT now becomes the third US carrier over the past few months to give us a taste of the power and potential of 5G.

Later that month, Sprint showed off its 5G network in Dallas-Fort Worth, and it proved impressive in terms of its speeds and the size of its coverage -- even if Verizon's demo was faster.

Armed with a Samsung Galaxy S10 5G phone, I ran a dozen speed tests around a town square backlot at Warner Bros. that was dotted with 5G millimeter wave nodes on rooftops.

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