After 26 years and several reshuffles and reboots later – including one just last year – DC Entertainment has announced that its legendary adult-focused imprint Vertigo has been shuttered as part of a rebranding and restructuring of its imprint divisions.

DC Entertainment has confirmed that as of January 2020, Vertigo – renamed in part for last year’s shakeup as DC Vertigo – will wrap up operations, as will the DC Zoom and DC Ink YA brands.

Its current books, including the line of Sandman Universe spinoffs, will either finish up or transition over to the newly updated version of DC’s current Black Label line.

Replacing Vertigo, Zoom and Ink will be three new age-banded labels for all of DC Comics’ content: DC Kids, for readers aged 8-12; DC, for readers 13 and above; and finally DC Black Label, for readers 17 and above.

The Hollywood Reporter notes that while this is the end for DC’s permanent imprints, ‘pop up’ limited time ones like Gerard Way’s Young Animal or Warren Ellis’ The Wild Storm imprint will still continue to exist.

In a statement acknowledging the closure, DC Editor in Chief Dan DiDio stated that while Vertigo as an institute would be no more, the spirit the imprint had championed in its books since the very beginning would remain in books launched elsewhere at DC:

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