Microsoft is reportedly planning to roll out a small, foldable Surface with a pair of 9-inch screens in the first half of next year, possibly as early as the first quarter.

IHS Markit’s Associate Director of Consumer Electronics Jeff Lin told Forbes about the upcoming device, citing “supply chain info.” Code-named Centaurus, the device was reputedly shown to some Microsoft employees earlier this month as a continuation of the shelved dual-screen Surface Phone concept that was known as Andromeda.

The foldable Surface, according to IHS Markit, will be powered by the long-rumored new version of Windows 10 named Windows Core OS, or WCOS, also known as Windows Lite, geared for a dual-display user interface.

The device is also said to be launching with a 10nm Intel Lakefield processor, with an always-on connectivity function for LTE or 5G.

It is also rumored to be capable of running Android apps and Apple’s iCloud service.

Windows Central’s Zac Bowden confirmed that Centaurus will feature two separate displays and an Intel processor, while highlighting the device’s capability for running Android apps.

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