As revealed by The Register at the back end of March, the outsourcing badass cum cloud-wannabe confirmed the security practice within the Offering division needs to purge $60m in expenses in the current fiscal '20 that began on 1 April.

We are also told that 50 roles are being moved to India, but it is not clear if other roles will move centres in the Philippines, Vietnam and Eastern Europe.

The process started in May and is to be wrapped up by next month.

The entire US Managed Proxy – save for one engineer who was let go last month to hit financial targets – is to be made redundant on 28 June.

An impacted DXCer told us the Managed Proxy team were last month given five-and-a-half weeks' advance notice to help the accounts they manage migrate the design, implementation and support work to a DXC team in India under the control of Biswajeet Rout, who already runs the legacy CSC network, proxy and security team in the country.

One staffer claimed teams are being shunted to India and some are "having to train their replacements who do not have the experience of the staff [being made redundant]".

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