In this post, I might want to dedicate my words to a job most people overlook when hopping from site to site on the internet: web development.

Being a web developer isn't simple; yet it additionally relies upon what kind of web developer we’re talking about: there are front-end, back-end, and full-stack web developers. The front-end web developers devote all their energy towards the visual aspect, the final version that users see on a website — i.e., the structure, although they are not web designers — . The back-end web developers are those responsible for what the user cannot see: the servers and how a site processes data. Finally, the full-stack web developers, as its name indicates it, these guys are the full package. They have the total skill set to provide a full website all by themselves.

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In general, front-end web developers work with various programming languages; some of them are: HTML, CSS, Javascript, among others, and their current versions are 5, 3 and ES6 respectively. Back-end developers have more ways to take, whether it be Python, PHP, etc.

According to web designing training in Chandigarh trainers being a web developer in 2019  is one of the most secure options to earn a constant income, because there are such a significant number of employments out there without anyone working on them. In fact, according to some sources, approximately 1 million software engineering jobs were offered this year without anyone actually responding. They were empty and unoccupied jobs.

So, if you  need to work from the comfort of your house, and you’re certain you can endure the hardships of networking and finding clients associated with the freelance web development path, as well as working hard to constantly learn new things these technologies bring every day, maybe this is the right choice for you.

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