Major League Baseball has been working this season to help its players improve their social media outreach to fans, as part of an initiative it quietly put in the works this year to provide them with unique media they can use across their personal accounts on various platforms.

The content ranges from video highlights and photos to graphics, cartoon imagery, logos and GIF files, and the league is collaborating with its clubs, as well as individual players and their representatives and agencies.

Following a reorganization of the MLB’s marketing department last year, its social media team dedicated itself to changing the way people are consuming baseball and promoting the fun that the players are having, said Barbara McHugh, svp of marketing for MLB.

The league “recognized that consumers and fans want to follow players, and then the teams, and then the league, and then broadcast outlets,” said McHugh, so it set out to help boost players’ social followings with assets and other resources.

While the program is still in its early stages, said McHugh, participating players who are actively using it are seeing engagement across the board up 50%, with followers up 20% in many cases, and engagement levels are up overall for MLB’s social media channels across all platforms.

MLB is using content-management application Greenfly, co-founded by two-time All-Star Shawn Green, who spent 15 years as a player.

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