Big Red on Tuesday confirmed it will migrate commercial Dyn customers onto its Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) service, where possible, and pull the plug on Dyn Enterprise services on May 31, 2020.

Not surprisingly, Oracle is pitching the move as a long-overdue migration that will, it is claimed, ultimately give customers a better set of network and cloud services than the aging Dyn platforms can offer.

"Enterprises can now leverage the best-in-class DNS, Web Application Security, and Email Delivery services within OCI and extend their applications across a comprehensive platform to build, scale, and operate their cloud infrastructure," Oracle told its customers.

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The move will mean the end of a popular free Dyn service: Dyn's Dynamic DNS, aka DynDNS aka DDNS, which will cease to operate by the end of next May.

This service has been running for nearly two decades, allowing people to point customized hostnames like or at the public IP address of their home gateway or box on the internet.

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