NOC is an acronym for the network operations center. In the industry of managed services, it is the monitoring and remediation of various network aspects for businesses. This is where administrators perform the supervision, monitoring, and maintaining of a telecommunications network. Companies with large networks typically have a NOC, which is a room that has network visualizations or monitoring of the networks. The remediation and monitoring services are performed for companies by NOC services providers to reduce the overhead and free up IT departments for other important aspects of the businesses.

Issues the NOC team handles:

  • Power failure
  • Router monitoring
  • Failure of networks
  • Virus issues
  • Network devices
  • Server monitoring and failure
  • Monitoring of Servers
  • Monitoring Networks
  • Help Desk

Multiple Tiers to Handling Issues

Tiers are used to describe the levels of technicians, system administrators, service engineers, and others on the IT staff. ExterNetworks can determine issues before they occur. Managing of incidents is done remotely allows highly functional network operation centers to find problems before they happen in the network. The use of a ticketing system allows for previous issues that have been resolved to be created as simulations to help prevent the same issues in the future.