But now a report has suggested that Sir Jony had spent his final years distancing himself from Apple, with his last major design contribution (other than its new HQ) being the Apple Watch, introduced back in 2015.

Sir Jony’s contribution to Apple’s revival could not be overstated, CEO Tim Cook said last week, and the British designer was also described by Apple’s co-founder, the late Steve Jobs, as his spiritual partner at the firm.

Arlidge described 52-year-old Sir Jony as “the most unremarkable remarkable person you could meet,” citing him as being “not particularly tall, has a shaved head, two-day-old stubble and dresses like dads do on weekends – navy polo shirt, canvas trousers, desert boots.”

Despite all his years in America, Sir Jony remained committed to his British roots and reportedly rejected the US love of coffee and instead remains dedicated to tea (his assistants apparently have strict instructions to have Earl Grey on hand).

Sir Jony also previously dismissed reports about the abrasive personality of the late Steve Jobs.

“So much has been written about Steve, and I don’t recognise my friend in much of it,” Sir Jony reportedly said.

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