Samsung has been charged with misleading advertising in Australia over claims regarding its Galaxy smartphones.

The Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC) announced it was taking Samsung to court today in a press release (h/t CNET), accusing the South Korean manufacturer of deceiving consumers with its smartphone water-resistance claims.

Many of Samsung’s recent Galaxy phones (since the Galaxy S7 in 2016) have supported IP68 certification for dust and water resistance.

However, the ACCC — whose role is to uphold competition and advertising standards — says Samsung has exaggerated these capabilities in its promotions, indicating devices could be safely used in swimming pools or in the ocean.

Further, the ACCC claims Samsung didn’t sufficiently test or understand how water affected its phones across their lifetime, and also that Samsung denied warranty claims from Galaxy owners whose phones have been water-damaged.

The ACCC reviewed more than 300 Samsung adverts for the case.

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