It’s been five years since V-Moda debuted its Crossfade M-100, a premium set of headphones that it designed using feedback from industry insiders like professional DJs, audiophiles, producers, and journalists.

So it’s fitting that its long-awaited follow-up, the Crossfade M-100 Master, was also designed with a little help from knowledgeable experts.

This time, however, that influence is courtesy of its parent, Roland, a legendary audio brand best-known for its iconic keyboards.

Roland bought V-Moda in 2016.

V-Moda claims the new Crossfade M-100 Master improved on its predecessor in virtually every category, from sound quality to durability and comfort.

Perhaps just as importantly, it has done so at a lower price: The original Crossfade M-100 hit shelves at a spendy $300, while the Crossfade M-100 Master comes in at still-pricey, but more affordable $250.

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