Zoom is rolling out a patch on Tuesday after a security flaw allowed websites to join users to video calls without permission.

As part of the patch, the company will completely remove the local web server on Mac devices.

The security flaw, which security researcher Jonathan Leitschuh flagged in a Medium post on Monday, also activated Mac webcams without permission.

The company will also add an option to its menu bar that lets users manually uninstall the Zoom client, including the locally installed web server -- website hosting software that browsers ordinarily traverse the internet to use.

After the patch is deployed, users will see a menu option saying "Uninstall Zoom," which will completely remove Zoom from the device and a person's saved settings.

In an earlier update Tuesday morning, Zoom said it didn't "currently have an easy way to help a user delete both the Zoom client and also the Zoom local web server app on Mac that launches our client."

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