Each of them has a little design embroidered into the cotton that references staples of New York City life: pigeons, dollar pizza slices, subway rats.

Sarah McBride, the brand’s cofounder, likens the T-shirts to "the New York City summer uniform."

Cross & Freckle isn't the first company to use AI to generate art—people have been doing that for years.

Cross & Freckle doesn't just use AI to create its designs; it also got the brand's name and logo from a neural net, called the Hipster Business Name Generator and used an AI text generator to create the mumbo-jumbo marketing copy on the company's website.

The embroidered designs look like something a child might have scribbled with a crayon, or something an adult might have drawn with a computer mouse on Microsoft Paint.

That's actually not far off: The graphics came out of a variational autoencoder trained on data from Google Creative Lab's game Quick, Draw, which has collected over a million doodles from people around the world.

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