As this $21 billion television upfront marketplace wraps up negotiations between the networks and media buyers, it may come as a surprise to some that the networks are commanding actual price and revenue increases, landing somewhere north of 8–9% in pricing for primetime, according to some reports.

After all, TV’s death—or at least irrelevance as an ad medium—has been predicted for more than a decade now.

Truth is, all the options available to the modern media agency have a role to play, something of a team sport: digital’s the sharpshooter; radio, mobile and out of home are all stout defenders; social’s the boost off the bench; and TV is your playmaker, tying all the other elements together.

Consumer interaction with TV content on these newer platforms creates new data and information streams that enable more efficient and effective investment by agencies for their clients.

Add to that addressability and more advanced cross-measurement tools that show off exactly how central TV is to most marketing mixes.

There’s a reason Live Ramp just agreed to spend $150 million to buy Data Plus Math: It’s because data-driven TV has helped marketers target more effectively while still getting reach.

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