Sugar is one of the most common elements in the average Western diet — it can be found in obviously sugary snacks, but also in products one wouldn’t guess contain high amounts of sugar, such as certain breads and savory sauces.

A recently published study has bad news for consumers who regularly drink these sweetened beverages.

The study was published in The BMJ this week, revealing a possible link between drinking sugar-filled beverages and an increased risk of developing cancer.

This spike in cancer risk was associated with consuming very small quantities of sweetened beverages daily: 100ml (3.3oz), or around one-third of the average can of soda.

The study was performed by researchers in France who analyzed data on 101,257 healthy adults from the NutriNet-Santé cohort study.

These adults were 79-percent female and 21-percent male with an average age of 42 when they were added to the study.

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