This code doesn't need coolers to win: Two-core machine used to outplay world-beating elites

Analysis Artificially intelligent software can comfortably outmatch human poker pros and amateurs in one-on-one matches, that much is known.

Now, for the first time, an AI bot has been built that can beat humans professionals on six-player no-limit Hold’em tables no less, and has been described in an academic paper published on Thursday in Science.

The cyber-shark, dubbed Pluribus, learned how to play the popular card game by playing trillions of games against itself repeatedly over eight days.

If the AI bot had been playing for real money rather than play chips, it would have reaped an average of $1,000 per hour playing six-player no-limit Hold’em against the pros, according to Noam Brown, first author of the paper and a research scientist at Facebook AI Research.

For every iteration of the algorithm, one player is chosen to be the so-called traverser.

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