Technology can be seen as both, Yin and Yang, it can be beneficent and can be malignant and machine learning gives us enormous power to solve complex problems that cannot be possible with writing rule for every specific case.

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Be it provision of recommendation to students about the courses or assisting students with feedback or summarizing the content so reader can comprehend the useful part of the content rather than getting into nitty gritty details of every text.

In the age of information and technology where data is available in abundance, it’s difficult as well as imperative for a student to learn and understand the concept behind the content; regular assessment and keeping the user progress can be a better way to improvise the learning.

Let’s start our Journey — Building a student-centered Feedback system

There are couple of entities a person needs to keep in mind while building Text processing and Natural language system.

With the advent of deep learning, it is feasible to replenish the area of Natural language understanding which opens a broader scope of understanding the emotion behind the text the user conveyed, such as sarcasm, humor, disgust, excitement etc.


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