Marvel fans recognize him as Hawkeye from the Avengers blockbuster franchise, but diehard followers know that Jeremy Renner has a not-so-hidden talent as a singer.

He’s serenaded more than a few late-night talk show hosts and audiences, often with parody songs of his action movie exploits, while tickling the ivories.

Renner, who has been teasing his latest rock-tinged venture on social media lately, will lend his voice to a new Jeep campaign debuting Wednesday.

Three of his original songs will serve as backdrops for television commercials, and he stars in each of the spots, along with a 60-second mini-music video launching on Jeep’s YouTube channel.

Renner is no stranger to Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA), having anchored a long-form digital video for Jeep sibling Ram Truck (“Make sure of it”) in the run-up to this year’s Super Bowl.

Partnering with the actor and singer-songwriter again made sense because Jeep “defies labels, and the same can be said about Jeremy Renner,” according to Olivier Francois, FCA’s CMO, who announced the campaign at a press event Wednesday morning at Renner’s leafy, modern home tucked into the Hollywood Hills.

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