SK-II and Katie Couric will leave consumers grabbing for the tissues thanks to its ChangeDestiny campaign about young women achieving their hopes while fighting against traditional expectations.

On Thursday, SK-II, the Japanese luxury skincare brand owned by Procter & Gamble, released a new series of four documentary-style short films called Timelines.

In the videos, the women talk about personal goals like pursuing further education and cultivating mindfulness, while their family members and friends share their expectations for them—which primarily include marriage and children.

Timelines is part of SK-II’s ongoing ChangeDestiny campaign challenging the expectations women face in society, whether it’s getting married, hitting certain milestones by certain ages, generational differences between daughters and their parents and grandparents, or feeling “expired” after a certain age or period in life.

The campaign has been going on for over a half decade, and Sandeep Seth, SK-II’s global CEO, said it was born from the brand’s desire to use its platform to speak to something bigger than simply touting its products.

(Though its marketing showcases plenty of that as well.)

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