Construction is well underway on TSX Broadway, a massive forthcoming venue in the heart of Times Square.

Orowitz said he envisions TSX Broadway will be a haven for technology and media brands looking to showcase new products and host events to a captive audience, using emerging technologies like augmented and virtual reality.

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When David Levinson and David Orowitz decided to break ground on a $2.2 billion project in Times Square — an undertaking that involves conjoining and renovating multiple buildings that when complete will serve as mix of hotel, retail, and event space — they knew it would come with risk.

Though up to 450,000 people visit Times Square every day, the vast audience doesn't always translate to profit or longevity for retailers in the area thanks to costly real estate prices and fickle consumers.

As New York Times reporter C.J Hughes notes, visitors are already overstimulated by the barrage of stores and flashing signs in the area, not to mention that they may be disenchanted by recent endeavors that failed to stay afloat longterm, such as The N.F.L.

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