Just in case you wanted a robot butler to follow you around the house, Amazon is reportedly working on an Alexa bot with wheels that can be summoned via voice commands.

The robot, reportedly codenamed Vesta, is purportedly being developed by Amazon Lab126 – a research facility based in Sunnyvale, California.

The report, which cited sources familiar with the product, said prototypes of the bot are about waist-high and feature advanced cameras, computer vision, and can navigate through homes like driverless cars.

Supposedly, we were set to see Vesta hit the market earlier this year, but a new Bloomberg report published Friday says it’s not ready for mass production yet.

That’s usually a not-so-great sign for home robots – which had an awful 2018 as many buzzworthy robots like Jibo and Kuri shuttered operations.

At the very least, that signals Amazon hasn’t given up on a home robot making it to market.

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