He also said they're working with the CIA

Infosec company ESET is reportedly suing a member of the Slovakian Parliament for insulting it over social media.

According to Slovakian news outlet SME, ESET became fed up with the antics of local Marxist politician Ľuboš Blaha, who was allegedly describing the threat intelligence outfit's owners as oligarchs who "own the media and pay politicians".

He is also said to have claimed that ESET is linked to the US CIA, presumably to discredit the company as some kind of willing pawn to US foreign policy.

The company has an extensive presence in the US market.

SME reporter Martina Raabova told The Register that the lawsuit against Blaha was filed by ESET because, in the infosec firm's view, "he wrote several misleading statuses on Facebook about the company".

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