Analysis Nvidia and Google continue to dominate in AI hardware, according to the latest benchmarking results from the ML Perf project published this week.

Tech companies all want a little slice of the machine learning pie: Nvidia has rebranded GPUs for AI, Intel is busy trying to tout its CPUs and push its new ASIC known as the NNP-T out on time, and Google – not traditionally known for its hardware – went and built its own accelerator chip too.

So a group of hardware nerds from industry and academia decided to get together to create ML Perf for "fair and useful benchmarks for measuring training and inference performance of ML hardware, software, and services".

Despite ML Perf being supported by several big names, it looks like only five companies have bothered submitting results: Google, Nvidia, Intel, Fujitsu, and Alibaba.

It's not a cheap endeavor after all, since it requires renting or buying hundreds or thousands of chips.

"Part of the motivation is that when a submitter makes a mistake, not all mistakes can be fixed after submission.

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