Consider what would happen if the developer behind the app suddenly went rogue, or if the hackers breached the service's database.

The more unused, unloved accounts you've got hanging around, the more targets would-be hackers have got to aim at.

It's therefore good practice to tidy up the digital trail you leave behind you, and shut down accounts you're not regularly using.

Unfortunately, there's no big button you can press to do this all at once, but with a little bit of detective work and a few minutes of your spare time, you can effectively erase your tracks.

Next, it might be worth having a flick through all of the home screens you've crammed with apps down the years on your phone.

You may be at the stage where you don't even remember what some of the apps on your phone do, so browse through all the apps you've installed to identify the ones you're no longer using.

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