This is the first variant of the Switch console to be released since its 2017 debut model, so naturally, people have questions: What makes the Switch Lite different?

The Lite will not come with a dock or be compatible with existing docks, nor will it support output to TVs, according to Nintendo.

These detachable Joy-Cons can be used for motion-control functions (like the original Wii Remotes) as well as serve as a pair of mini controllers that two people can use to play certain cooperative games together.

If you don't want to buy any accessories and are intent on gaming with what's included in the base Lite package, a lot of games are going to have restrictions; most notably, any motion controls in games will be off-limits.

These particular games offer button-based alternatives for their motion controls, so they'll still be totally playable with the Lite, but not all titles are as flexible with their control schemes.

And even the aforementioned fully-compatible titles won't play quite the same, since the Lite lacks the rumble feature of the Switch's Joy-Cons, meaning you won't feel satisfying vibrations in your hands while performing in-game actions.

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