The U.S. Army—which has already been testing robotic squad vehicles like the Multi-Utility Tactical Transport (MUTT) and semi-autonomous targeting systems like the Advanced Targeting and Lethality Automated System (ATLAS)—says it will conduct live-fire testing of a new Robotic Combat Vehicle (RCV) built on M113 armoured personnel carrier chassis next year.

Mission Enabler Technologies-Demonstrator (MET-D) vehicles: leveraging the latest tech in cameras, data display, GUI, drive-by-wire capability, unmanned aerial vehicle-provided video, & advanced comms to help w/ battlefield situational awareness & enhance communication capability

— U.S. Army CCDC Ground Vehicle Systems Center (@CCDC_GVSC) July 1, 2019

As first flagged by the Verge, an Army release on Thursday says U.S. troops will control the RCVs from a modified Bradley Fighting Vehicle called “Mission Enabler Technologies-Demonstrators, or MET-Ds.” Two of these vehicles will be used as remote control platforms for four of the modified M113s during the tests, the Army wrote:

The upgraded Bradleys, called Mission Enabler Technologies-Demonstrators, or MET-Ds, have cutting-edge features such as a remote turret for the 25 mm main gun, 360-degree situational awareness cameras and enhanced crew stations with touchscreens.

Initial testing will include two MET-Ds and four robotic combat vehicles on M113 surrogate platforms.

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