It's been such a busy seven days that there's been no time to talk about the fact that a federal grand jury is reportedly investigating a major Trump fundraiser, or that an appeals court has thrown out a lawsuit about whether or not President Trump is personally profiting from government visitors staying at his hotels.

Actually, the president was more active than usual on Twitter last week, perhaps in preparation for his so-called social media summit at the White House, which didn't include any representatives from any of the social media companies theoretically under discussion.

Consider it a silent protest, perhaps.

If that wasn't enough of a story, it turned out that that he was a man friendly with not only the current president, but a past president as well.

But it did emerge by Thursday that Epstein's lawyers really want him out of jail if possible, despite what prosecutors would prefer; we'll find out this week if he gets bail or not.

Well, the fact of the matter is, he'd been accused of sex trafficking in Florida, only to eventually get a light 18-month sentence after pleading guilty to prostitution charges in 2008.

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