Star Wars fans should be grateful to Grand Admiral Thrawn creator Timothy Zahn.

His '90s Thrawn trilogy isn't canon any more, but it gave the Star Wars universe the shot of adrenaline it needed and paved the way for new movies like The Rise of Skywalker.

So it's always worth paying attention whenever Zahn dives back into a galaxy far, far away, particularly if he's writing another adventure starring the genius Imperial tactician.

Star Wars: Thrawn: Treason continues the canon story that started with the character's 2017 origin and teamed him up with Darth Vader in last year's Thrawn: Alliances.

It's set halfway through the fourth season of CGI animated series Rebels (which takes place before A New Hope).

Zahn injects this with a delicious sense of cloak and dagger political intrigue as Krennic gets Thrawn to help with problems plaguing the Death Star's super-secret supply line.

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