Minut, a Swedish startup that has developed a camera-less home security device that it claims protects privacy better than competitors, has raised $8 million in Series A funding.

Existing backers Karma Ventures, SOSV, and Nordic Makers also followed on, bringing total funding for Minut to $10 million.

Founded in 2014 and headed up by CEO Nils Mattisson, who I’m told spent seven years in the Exploratory Design Group at Apple, Minut wants to make home security monitoring more affordable, but in a way that doesn’t compromise on privacy.

To square that circle, so to speak, the startup’s IoT device is camera-less (in the traditional sense), and instead relies on other sensors including infrared motion detection and a microphone.

Crucially, the real-time data captured to determine if anything untoward is taking place in your home is processed on the device itself rather than being shared to the cloud.

“Feeling safe shouldn’t be a luxury, or come at the cost of privacy,” Mattisson says.

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