We are proud to be flooring Professionals.

SMALL TOWN FLOORS is the progression of CMO Floors; Established in 2004 - SMALL TOWN FLOORS has had the privilege to dedicate itself solely to flooring and Installation.

CMO Floors started out exclusively as a flooring installation company, and since then we have branched out to become a flooring retailer that spawned into an independent floor preparation and wall to wall leveling company, and ultimately matured into Small Town Floors; a distinguished family owned and operated flooring specialty store.

We are committed to being at our best, in spirits and moral, reinforcing both the highest ethical and technical standards in all that we do. Our priorities in order are:

  • Employee safety
  • Consideration and respect, to the integrity of your home and the materials we are working with
  • The endeavor to continually elevate and improve on our installation techniques and overall customer experience

Our mission: to offer the highest of quality, reliability, and integrity as cornerstones in our business practices.

Engineered Flooring

There has been new introduction in the designs and patterns of floor. Most of the time, it is noticed that many houses have traditional type of flooring. They look much dull and similar. But now there has been some new looks that is really appreciated by the people. There are technicians who can give a new look to the floors.

The New Designs of Floors:

People are really bored with the common flooring systems. The new one is really remarkable and wonderful in all aspects. It can be well said that the engineered flooring gives a carpet like a look to the floors. There are ample companies that are specialized in floor designing.

They have the ability to laminate floors with a different type of materials. There is a huge variety of flooring options. Clients can opt for the one that is best and matches with their room. In this context, it can be said that most of the companies the companies buy timber and give a wood finish to the floors.

In fact, the engineered flooring Vancouver is also quite innovative. They have introduced some ideas that are widely accepted by the people. Most of the houses have started applying the ideas and concepts and they are really satisfied with the work.

Apart from this, the engineered flooring Vancouver has the capacity to give a new look to a room. The companies work on a contract basis and the technicians have the knowledge to provide the materials as per the design of the room. The floors are well crafted and are quite durable in nature. Thus apparently it looked that the new flooring system will not affect the look of the house but once it is applied it is noticed that they are looking fabulous. It seems that for long people were really wandering for such a wonderful look.