Say goodbye to DirecTV Now.

AT’s live TV subscription streaming service has a new name: AT TV Now.

The rebranding, which AT announced to customers on Tuesday, marks the continued sunsetting of the DirecTV brand since AT acquired the cable company in 2015 and comes amidst a larger investment from the media giant into streaming services: In addition to HBO Max, which the company is readying for spring 2020, the company plans to test a new internet-streaming TV service, called AT TV, in select markets this summer.

The forthcoming product has been described as a “thin client video service,” but other details, including pricing, haven’t yet been announced.

For customers, the rebranding of DirecTV Now is not expected to cause any major hiccups other than a requirement to re-accept the terms of service, the company said.

The rollout will appear in the coming weeks, AT said, and the app will update automatically.

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