A dedicated server is a physical server (or PC) running server-based programming that runs different service over a system. The most widely used for a dedicated server is to run a web hosting environment where site pages are hosted for sites. We consider it a 'dedicated' server as it is a single server dedicated to a single client or task.

If your website turns out to be excessively occupied and the resource requirements are greater than shared hosting can give, a dedicated server is definitely worth investing resources into. Along these lines, all the resources on the server are dedicated completely to your site and not shared to third parties.

Benefits of choosing a Dedicated Server Hosting provider are:

  1. Server resources are not shared
  2. Improved performance and security
  3. Flexibility
  4. Unique IP address
  5. No overhead for buying or maintaining equipment
  6. Flexibility, the capacity to install the services and software your business requires.
  7. Control, you have instant access to your server.
  8. Resilience, with the correct server setup you can have measures set up to minimize downtime.