The robots are coming to steal our jobs, or so the popular narrative goes, but the reality of automation’s impact on the workforce is somewhat more nuanced.

While automation will undoubtedly have a seismic impact on employment, some analysts predict that many new roles will be created as a result of the broader artificial intelligence onslaught.

Moreover, we’re seeing a growing number of companies developing AI and automation tools that can be used to help companies recruit human employees.

Harver today announced it had raised $15 million in a series B round of funding from Insight Partners, which it said it will use to “reinvent the volume recruitment process through digital automation,” according to a statement.

It helps vet candidates based on data garnered from automated assessments, rather than feelings, first impressions, or intuition — which it touts as an effective way of minimizing unconscious bias in hiring.

Harver ranks candidates during the initial screening process to determine which individuals have the best job-fit and assessment performance.

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