We were already pretty impressed with the Moen U smart shower, but the pricey but luxurious line of smart home showers has even more appeal now that the products support Apple’s HomeKit platform.

The new innovation will enable Apple fans to control the shower using only voice commands to Apple’s popular digital assistant Siri via iPhone, iPad or the market-challenged HomePod smart speaker.

The Moen U by Moen is a cloud-based, app-driven digital shower that also offers Wi-Fi mobile connectivity.

The manufacturer claims that its top-of-the-line smart home showers offer the ultimate in personalization, with up to a dozen customizable presets.

In addition to the new Apple HomeKit and Siri voice command options, customers can also control the shower with the smartphone app or the in-shower controller.

The shower is available with a two- or four-outlet digital valve that offers precise thermostatic temperature control.

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