Want to keep your iPhone or iPad safe from any big trouble? Archive your iPhone or iPad’s backup on iTunes. You’ve got various advantages for archiving backup on iTunes. One of the best things about creating a backup on iTunes is that it doesn’t overwrite the archived backups with new backups. It preserves your device backup and still allows you to take backups of other devices such as Mac or PC. An iTunes archived backup is different plus more advanced than routine backups.

Although creating a routine backup of your iOS device is significantly good for general. If you’re wanting to try out the new iOS 13/iPadOS 13 betas or want to downgrade your iOS operating system, then a routine backup isn’t enough to ensure complete protection. You should archive an iTunes backup of your iOS device.

Here is how to archive iPhone or iPad backup on iTunes.

On Mac and Windows computer:

Go through the directions given to archive iTunes backup of the iOS device.

1. Connect your iPhone or iPad to a Mac or Windows computer installed with the latest version of iTunes.

2. Now, start the iTunes application on your device.

3. Open your connected iOS device in iTunes and go to the ‘Backups’ section for creating an encrypted backup of your iPhone or iPad. Although this is optional but if you want to create a fresh (current state) archive backup of your device, then you should create it. If you already have a backup or want to archive the older one, then you can proceed to Step 9.

4. Select ‘This computer’.

5. Then check the box of ‘Encrypt iPhone backup’. Read all the information given carefully.

6. Click on the ‘Change Password’ button to set a password.

7. Now, hit the ‘Back up Now’ button under Manually Backup and Restore heading on the right-hand side.

8. Wait until the backup process finishes. This may take approximately ten minutes to complete or even more, depending on the apps installed on your device. Once the backup is created successfully, you’ll be ready to begin the backup archiving process.

9. Now, navigate to the iTunes menu and select ‘Preferences’.

10. In the Preferences window, open ‘Devices’ tab.

11. Look for the device and the backup you want to archive in the Device backups box.

12. Right-click on the backup you want to archive and select ‘Archive’.

You’ve archived the backup successfully. To confirm whether a backup is successfully archived or not, check if it has a lock icon, exact date and time when it is archived. Now, click on the ‘OK’ button to quit.

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